Australian Axemen’s Association Hall of Fame

The Australian Axemen’s Association Hall of Fame aims to recognise the achievements of¬†Australian axemen.
To be inducted into the Hall of Fame an axeman must fulfil certain criteria including international and/or state representation and achievement, championship results, and overall contribution to the sport of woodchopping as an administrator, coach, organiser or sponsor.
In addition to this, an inductee must be a respected member of the woodchopping fraternity and have the support of their peers.

Hall of Fame Legends

Hon. Ron David M.L.C.
Hon. Ron David M.L.C.Tasmania
Peter Foster
Peter FosterTasmania
George Foster
George FosterTasmania
David Foster O.A.M.
David Foster O.A.M.Tasmania
Elwin Griggs
Elwin GriggsTasmania
Matthew Gurr
Matthew GurrTasmania
Mitchell Hewitt
Mitchell HewittQueensland
Tom Kirk
Tom KirkNew South Wales
Clive McIntosh
Clive McIntoshNew South Wales
Hon. Hubert Nichols M.L.C.
Hon. Hubert Nichols M.L.C.Tasmania
Jack O'Toole
Jack O'TooleVictoria
Vic Summers
Vic SummersQueensland
Bill Youd
Bill YoudTasmania
Doug Youd M.B.E.
Doug Youd M.B.E.Tasmania

2016 Inductees

Martin William Conole
Martin William ConoleTasmania
Albert Donelly
Albert DonellyNew South Wales
Ian Duryea
Ian DuryeaVictoria
Bruce Hayes
Bruce HayesTasmania
Keith Hooper
Keith HooperQueensland
Ken Kirk
Ken KirkNew South Wales
Manny McCarthy
Manny McCarthyNew South Wales
Neville Meyer
Neville MeyerVictoria
Cathy Munday
Cathy MundayNew South Wales
Glenn Ryan
Glenn RyanNew South Wales
Phillip Williams
Phillip WilliamsVictoria

2015 Inductees

Gordon Harold Andersen
Gordon Harold AndersenVictoria
Gus Blanc
Gus BlancVictoria
George Peter Cowen
George Peter CowenTasmania
Caldwell Family
Caldwell FamilyVictoria
Milton Edward Gallagher
Milton Edward GallagherWestern Australia
Ian Scott
Ian ScottTasmania

2012 Inductees

Geoff Coulson
Geoff CoulsonTasmania
Bob Crane
Bob CraneTasmania
Kerry Hewitt
Kerry HewittQueensland
Peter Campbell Richards
Peter Campbell RichardsTasmania
Owen Arthur Smith
Owen Arthur SmithTasmania

2011 Inductees

Aubrey William Charles Davey
Aubrey William Charles DaveyTasmania
John Francis Geale
John Francis GealeTasmania
Samuel Johnson
Samuel JohnsonTasmania
James Ruben Marshall
James Ruben MarshallTasmania
Arthur Edward Sullivan
Arthur Edward SullivanTasmania

2010 Inductees

Norman Eaves
Norman EavesTasmania
Jim Gale
Jim GaleWestern Australia
Bill Gray Jr.
Bill Gray Jr.Victoria
Charles Les Maine
Charles Les MaineTasmania
Shirley Oldham
Shirley OldhamTasmania
Patrick Oldham
Patrick OldhamTasmania
Robert 'Bob' George Reynolds
Robert 'Bob' George ReynoldsWestern Australia
Walter 'Jum' Widdeson
Walter 'Jum' WiddesonWestern Australia
Fred Woodbridge
Fred WoodbridgeWestern Australia
Ray Youd
Ray YoudTasmania
Ron Young
Ron YoungVictoria

2009 Inductees

Merv Vincent Binns
Merv Vincent BinnsTasmania
Lionel William Horton
Lionel William HortonTasmania
Ken Jackson
Ken JacksonTasmania
Henry James Munday
Henry James MundayTasmania
Tom Reeves
Tom ReevesTasmania
Colin Denis 'Sandy' Richards
Colin Denis 'Sandy' RichardsTasmania
Col Shafferius
Col ShafferiusQueensland
Kevin Smith
Kevin SmithNew South Wales
Gill Summers
Gill SummersQueensland
John Gilbert Timbs
John Gilbert TimbsTasmania

2008 Inductees

Neville French
Neville FrenchTasmania
William 'Bill' Lovell
William 'Bill' LovellTasmania
Val Quanchi
Val QuanchiVictoria
Arthur Charles 'AC' Smith
Arthur Charles 'AC' SmithTasmania

2007 Inductees

John 'Jack' Chalmer Alexander
John 'Jack' Chalmer AlexanderVictoria
Robert 'Bob' Breton
Robert 'Bob' BretonQueensland
Cr. Samual Franklin
Cr. Samual FranklinQueensland
Trevor Raymond Jordan
Trevor Raymond JordanTasmania
William 'Bill' Joseph Scott
William 'Bill' Joseph ScottTasmania
Clarence Strochnetter O.A.M.
Clarence Strochnetter O.A.M.Tasmania

2006 Inductees

Douglas Henry Adamson
Douglas Henry AdamsonQueensland
Arthur Clifford
Arthur CliffordTasmania
Judy Clifford
Judy CliffordTasmania
Phil Hillcoat
Phil HillcoatQueensland
Allen Sherriff
Allen SherriffTasmania
Mervyn Youd
Mervyn YoudTasmania

2005 Inductees

Ted Andersen
Ted AndersenSouth Australia
Dudley George Eaves
Dudley George EavesTasmania
Greg Lovell
Greg LovellTasmania
Ken Ritter
Ken RitterSouth Australia
Ron Sherriff
Ron SherriffTasmania
Leslie Henry Tagg
Leslie Henry TaggVictoria
Charlie Winkel
Charlie WinkelQueensland

2004 Inductees

Geoffrey Binns
Geoffrey BinnsTasmania
Ken Devine
Ken DevineTasmania
Bob Fullgrabe
Bob FullgrabeSouth Australia
Lionel Fullgrabe
Lionel FullgrabeSouth Australia
Clayton Francis Stewart
Clayton Francis StewartTasmania
Jeff Wadley
Jeff WadleyTasmania