Dudley George Eaves – Tasmania
18/03/1919 – 13/01/2002

Father: George Eaves
Mother: Ruby Eaves

Married Margrett Jean Walters on 17/12/1941 and had a family of five children. Eleanor, Beryl, Dick, Barry and Anne. Started woodchopping at the age of 14. At the young age of of 16 Dudley won his first woodchop nine mile to borrow a crosscut saw returned to win the double handed sawing with his late father George Eaves who was also a great champion in woodchopping. Grandfather Harry Eaves died that same day, his one wish was fulfilled to see son and grandson win a sawing championship. Dudley kept on competing in the woodchopping sport and went on competing in the woodchoping sport and went on to a very successful career as competitor winning six world titles, 15 state titles with the first eleven straight.

Two of the world titles were double-handed sawing which Dudley teamed up with Circlar Head axeman LR Jack Boot. Some of the highlights of Dudley’s career saw him starting as a back-marker off a handicap of 30 seconds behind, still to win by enormous. At a woodchopping carnival at Edith Creek, Dudley won the foot championship, foot championship, single and double-handed sawing in one day.

Dudley’s career in woodchopping continued for the rest of his life, once he finished competing he carried on with his wealth of knowledge and skill in sharpening cross cut saws for other axemen. Dudley and two of his brothers, Harry and Norrie Eaves were known throughout Australia and the world as probably the best saw sharpeners of the world as probably the best saw sharpeners of their time. Dudley also enjoyed other sports in life – he was an “A” grade golfer, played badminton, eight ball, football and cricket. As a musician he played for many parties and dances in Circular Head.