About the Australian Axemen’s Association

The Australian Axemen’s Association (commonly referred to as the AAA), is the governing body within Australia of the sport of woodchopping and sawing.

The AAA’s members are the woodchopping and sawing associations of the various Australian States.

Woodchopping and sawing has been an integral part of life in Australia from our very earliest days: in the those days, the felling and gathering of timber was needed for much of everyday life. According to legend, the competitive sport developed from an 1873 bet between a couple of blokes in a pub – not an unusual occurrence in Australia!

For the last 40 years or so, it has been recognised that the sport needs to grow: so as to foster opportunity amongst competitors at all levels. More recently, a wish has evolved to develop the sport to the level that one day, it can be a serious contender for inclusion in the Olympics.

To that end, the AAA promotes ongoing improvement in governance structures and practices at all levels within the sport which are consistent with the standards laid down from time to time by the Australian Sports Commission.