John Francis Geale – Tasmania
09/05/1975 – 21/06/1959

John Francis Geale born 9 May 1872 to Matilda and William Geale of Lefroy, Tasmania.

In his younger days John would walk from Lefroy to Kindred at the age of 12 to work with his uncle a Mr Turner who was a road contractor, after learning the trade he became a very prominent contractor himself. He did a lot of governemnt work. Some of the roads he worked on were the Crade Mountain missing link from Great Lake to Bronte, Butlers Gorge for Hydro, Waddamana, Scottsdale Road and many others. He was the first person to lay bitumen on the North West Coast this was at Clayton Rivulet near Ulverstone. He also owned farms at Kindred, Wilmot, Barrington and Daisy Dell.

Aside from his busy working life he was married to May Russell. They had a daughter Bernice Cook. They resided at Kindred. John had a couple of pastimes as well; football and woodchopping.

The standing block was his favourite. His achievements include winning the championship chopping belt of Tasmania at St Leonards in December 1895. This belt has been restored and is on display, possibly the oldest chopping trophy in the world. He won this by cutting through 2 foot longs.

3rd in the 3rd World Title ever held in 1893, also winner of chops at Ulverstone, Sprent and Barrington.