Greg Lovell – Tasmania
D.O.B: 19th May 1952

Married at age 18 to wife Julie. 1 son Andy, 3 daughters Tammy, Leanne and Melissa.

Greg started woodchopping at the age of 15 at Port Arthur. His first victory, the 10 inch underhand novice. Greg competed for 27 years. IN 1977 Greg was a member of a 3 man team that competed in San Sebastian in Spain. Marathon Chopping.

Greg was the first man to win all 4 Championships at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 1982. That same year Greg broke the record in the 15 inch standing block which he held for 13 years.

Greg was a regular member of both the Australian and Tasmanian Teams.


  • 17 World Championships
  • 45 Australian Championships
  • 210 Tasmanian Championships

Greg was tragically killed as a result of a tree falling accident at the age of 45.