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How to do the analysis correctly?  

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How to do the analysis correctly?
There are 36 football players on the field at once, so the role of individual athletes is not as great as in basketball or classic football. Teamwork of the team comes to the fore. Of the 6 key positions, it is worth noting "followers". A huge amount of work falls on them. Keep an eye on these players and analyze their readiness.
A lot depends on the mentor of the team. Thanks to the large number of players, you can use a variety of game models and tactical schemes, so the skills of the coach significantly affect the result.
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Australian football is a fast and contact sports discipline. Bad weather is unlikely to affect the result of the confrontation, but if it rains, the effectiveness will definitely decrease. Flirt with the total less when forecasters notify about precipitation during the meeting, but keep in mind that if the bookmakers find out about it first, they will adjust the odds for the outcome.
Despite the fact that there are only 4 athletes on the bench, study their capabilities. Fresh forces are sometimes extremely necessary.
The AFL has distinct home and away clubs. For example, Richmond has won 23 away games in the last 3 seasons and lost only 10 times. In matches on the home field, the statistics are worse – 19 wins against 14 losses (excluding playoff matches).
22 rounds are played in the draws, but even the leaders lose 3-4 times per season. If at the start of the season, athletes sometimes allow relaxation in individual meetings, then in the games for departure, concentration is present until the final whistle.
Australia is a rich country, so its residents bet large sums on their pets. This is used by professional bettors who use the created distortions in their favor. It is much easier to find the gross coefficients in such a situation.