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Get the Most From Your AFL Multi Bets  

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Get the Most From Your AFL Multi Bets
Bets against favorites.
A long-term betting option, but quite reliable. We are talking about choosing several favorites of the tournament and betting against these teams throughout the tournament. Out of the total number of matches, even the favorites lose 4-5 or more times per tournament.
Here you will find afl multi bet tips
As you remember, the AFL tournament is long and there are a lot of matches. Therefore, even leaders sometimes lose. Of course, for betting against favorites, you should not choose matches with championship outsiders, such sensations are more than rare in footy, but betting against favorites in a match with other leaders and average players is quite relevant.
Series during the championship without defeats are also rare, that is, even teams from the leading group eventually lose. Thus, you can start a new series of bets if you see a long win-win streak of any team. After that, just bet against the team until you make a profit, if necessary, bet on the next match with an increase in the amount.