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DeviceList Best is a unique device comparison service  

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DeviceList Best is a unique device comparison service
A laptop has long passed from the category of luxury to the category of necessary things, just like a mobile phone once. However, it is quite difficult to choose the right model without being an expert — the laptop market is very chaotic, buyers are given a choice of hundreds of models of various sizes and configurations. In this material, we will sort out all the important points when choosing a laptop, go through each type and try to give general recommendations, for which you should not overpay.
DeviceList Best is a unique device comparison service
What do you need a laptop for?
First of all, you need to decide why you need a laptop. Hammering nails with a microscope is inconvenient, and a laptop is the same tool as a hammer. Therefore, first you should answer yourself a few leading questions.
Power. Do you need a laptop for "light" tasks like typing, watching videos or surfing the web? Or he will have to work with audio content, engage in video rendering or launch modern toys.
Dimensions. How often will you carry it from place to place? If he does not "sit" in one place for a long time, it is worth estimating how convenient it will be to carry it with you.
Autonomy. Will there be an outlet nearby or do you expect to take it with you on trips, business trips or just to work on the street?
Appearance. Do you want checkers or go? In the first case, it is worth looking at stylish ultrabooks, in the second rather at hardware and how much they ask for it. In both cases, there are a lot of options.
Games. Are you planning to use a laptop for gaming? And for what? For undemanding online toys, a model with an average video card will do. If you want to taste the delights of the ultra graphics settings, then you definitely need a gaming model with a powerful graphics card and a productive processor. Perhaps the screen should be looked at more, not 15 inches, but all 17.
Windows or Mac?
After this questionnaire, it will be easier to decide on the laptop class. It can be an ordinary everyday model, a gaming laptop, an advanced work machine, a stylish ultrabook or a sturdy laptop with a powerful battery. Also recently, many curious models with a touch screen have appeared on the market, which essentially replace the tablet. We have convenient filters on E-Katalog that allow you to choose the appropriate laptop class, and then select the necessary parameters like screen diagonal, amount of RAM, battery power, etc.

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