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World of Warcraft (WoW) Custom Character Leveling boost  

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World of Warcraft (WoW) Custom Character Leveling boost
Reworking the leveling process has opened up new interesting opportunities for players, and one of them is that now heroes are not forced to choose a specialization, so they can develop further without it. For the sake of interest, several brave players took advantage of this feature and were able to develop their characters to the maximum level of 50 now.
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In words, this does not sound like a great achievement, but in practice things are a little more complicated than they may seem. Without specialization, the player loses access to its main abilities, talents, PvP-talents, specialized skill, and after level 10, at which the user needs to decide on the role, the scaling system begins to act a little differently than intended, and if everything is more or less tolerable up to 40, then after it it can take several minutes to defeat some creatures.
One of the players was able to develop his warrior to level 50 in the old-fashioned way-with the help of tasks – and did not experience any special problems. Another played as a rogue, choosing a slightly easier path in the form of dungeons and battlefields, while in the group his damage was about 5% of the total. The third passed the test for the monk, and it was given to him much more difficult than the others, since at high levels he needed to use "Dancing Crane" and "Outpouring"for 5 minutes to kill creatures.

Other players rushed to conquer the Island of Exiles, arranging high-speed races. One of them, for example, was able to complete the entire plot of the location in less than 25 minutes. However, according to him, there are still many opportunities to improve the result when playing for other combinations of class and race and using a variety of tricks.
And another player, although this was before the release of the Shadowlands prepatch, entertained himself by deciding not to throw out and not sell the merchant any thing he received in the process of pumping. As a result, it turned out that during the development of the character from level 20 to level 120, he managed to save about 10 thousand gold and fill almost 600 cells of bags and a bank with things. As they say, who is trash, and who is gold!

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