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It's interesting - esports betting site  

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Prize funds and transfers.
Esports is a very young sport. And strangely enough, there were enough difficulties in development. Starting from problems with the organization of tournaments, the payment of prize money to participants, to the construction of a model of automatism of the same processes. It was difficult to regulate and organize, there was no official control body, but over time interest in esports grew and nowadays the numbers are amazing.
It's interesting - esports betting site
Thousands of tournaments in different disciplines are held every year. If in one city the prize fund is only $ 500, then in another, say, the world championship, the amount increases to 30 million.$a, then more.
For example, the world-famous Valve company raises the stakes annually, increasing the prize money of the main Dota 2 tournament. In 2020, it was $34,330,500, and in 2021 it was $40,018,195.
Since esports is growing within the system, the order relating to transfers, player salaries and prize payments is being slightly adjusted. The key feature of the development was, in some ways, the prize money. The higher the amount, the more the public turns their eyes to this discipline! A certain secret was revealed, allowing us to build a general order in the entire industry. Official tournaments that have become legal to hold
Athletes can now enter into contracts and contracts with clubs. Nowadays, the players of such clubs have huge annual profits. The transfer market between clubs is gaining freaky momentum. And the transfer market between the teams is developing at a crazy speed. Thus, in 2020, clubs around the world spent about 1.1 billion US dollars to buy or sell players.