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How to choose a bookmaker  

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How to choose a bookmaker.
Online betting on esports is only gaining popularity among bookmakers. Bets on major tournaments, such as The International, the CS GO World Championship and Fortnite, can be found in almost every bookmaker, while less popular disciplines are not always available. Esports Betting
But as esports is gaining more and more popularity among players, bookmakers are improving their content and specialized offices such as GGBet appear.
When choosing a bookmaker where you can bet online, you need to evaluate: betting
margin size;
the choice of esports disciplines and the width of the painting.
The number of LoL, WOT, DOTA 2 matches is not inferior to the number of classic sports disciplines, as regional and international tournaments are constantly held. It is the coverage of these events that should be the main criterion for choosing a bookmaker. In addition, the bookmaker must satisfy all the player's requests, since the painting for different games is significantly different.
Features of betting on esports.
The best bookmakers for betting on esports do not always occupy leading positions in the overall ratings. This is due to the fact that bets on esports have their own characteristics and sometimes small offices specialize in them. It is worth noting that you can bet not only with real money, but also with skins. Otherwise, the bookmaker's work process is no different, only the concepts familiar to fans of sports games have been replaced, for example, a game on a card, corners on frags, and so on.
Among the features of the painting, you can find such bets as first blood, total kills, total rounds on a specific map. As already mentioned in esports betting, betting on skins is common and this market significantly exceeds the volume of bets on real money.
Bets on items from games or game sets are accepted only by specialized bookmakers or exchange betting services that specialize in certain disciplines.

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 I got what I wanted to know, Thanks for posting this info. And, I am very happy to be here. Keep it up.