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Echo - the best Python developers
What are Python virtual environments or environments?
Sometimes when writing applications there are difficulties associated with the use of different versions of libraries. The required versions may differ, it may be impossible to change and update libraries, and libraries may also be unavailable.
In order to avoid these problems, virtual environments or environments were invented. In each virtual environment, you can run your own application with a set of libraries. Changing or updating these libraries does not affect other applications that also use these libraries.
Custom Python Development Services with
There is software that allows you to create a virtual environment. It can be embedded in Python and external. The standard Python 3 library includes the venv module.
What it is designed for and what can be done in Python.
Using Python, you can create websites based on Ella, Django CMS and others. It is used to create parsers for searching and collecting information on the network.
Create programs like Blender for working with animation and three-dimensional graphics, GIMP image editor for Linux and much more.
To program the server part of mobile applications.
Write various analytical applications and algorithms for machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks.
With the help of SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib libraries, scientific research and calculations are carried out
Automate the work of system administrators. Python is installed by default on all servers with the Linux operating system.
Python was used when writing computer games such as World of Tanks, Civilization IV, Battlefield 2.

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 I appreciate everything you have added here in this post.