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Canada Digest: The Latest News In The CS:GO World  

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Canada Digest: The Latest News In The CS:GO World
What are the good things about betting? The main thing is that there is almost no real risk in them, because most skins can be earned just by playing CS:GO. Getting cases and keys to them, or participating in special game tasks. You can also play on extra items. We don't risk our wallet, but at the same time we get a dose of excitement.
But there are also disadvantages. Almost all betting sites with skins are unofficial. It happens that developers deceive their players. If not by enslaving exchange rates (very unfavorable compared to market quotations), then simply non-payment of winnings.
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Sports betting with skins from CS:GO and from other games (Dota 2 or LoL, for example) is a simple thing. But even here there is something to advise inexperienced players.
Choose your site carefully. Deceptions even with low-value skins are unpleasant.
Study the rules of a particular site. Some sites accept bets directly with skins, while others convert them into game currency for convenience.
Playing with skins purchased for real money is not the best solution.
There are no special strategies for the game to advise. Analyze matches, collect statistics and hope for luck. That's all.
Don't forget that betting is a risk. Even for money, even for skins. There is always a chance of losing. So don't try to take it back. You should always approach betting with a cool head.