Who's having a life crisis? At the age of 30!!!  


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14/08/2019 8:44 am  

Who's having a life crisis? At the age of 30!!! Everything is in place - beautiful, tall, intelligent, kind.

In my childhood my parents fought all the time, the family has a lot of secrets, resentments, unsaid. Pope aggressor (but not monster!!!), mom is a manipulator.


She left home when she was 18. Normal relations being asked. Constantly squabbles, jealousy. In 30 years - a complete lack of a partner, friends, and their parents "at loggerheads". I haven't been up for the last three weeks.

Of the last forces are engaged in house cleaning. I hang out on the Internet, looking for help in faith, astrology... one disappointment. I will force myself to go to the gym 2 times, and I do not want to go any more. Although the head says go, the body is. It's not nice to be around people. Read clever books - sickened by. Guys call on a date - I have a stupor, refuse, in every possible way get out at the last minute.

From idleness sometimes finds anger. So it turns out that 3 days sucks, 1 day burst of energy, and it looks like everything now will start to slowly improve. And again failure.

That with me not understand. I went to psychologists, you need to be either a millionaire that would be treated by a true professional, because these eyes that sit opposite and listen through the word, do not help me. Saw the pills, but it wasn't me.

Is there anyone who feels like me? Who found a way out of this hell???